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Each year the Governor presents a State of the State in early January. This event begins the policy and budget process for the next fiscal year.

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2012 California StateoftheState


Governor Jerry Brown delivered his 2012 California StateotheState January 18, 2012

SACRAMENTO – In his 2012 State of the State speech, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. said California is “on the mend” and laid out an ambitious agenda for economic growth in the year ahead.

As required by the state constitution, I am reporting to you this morning on the condition of our state.

Student Report 2012 California StateoftheState


Student Report 2012 California StateoftheState

The State of the State Address is the annual promise to the people of California that the state will remain in existence for at least another session of Congress. Every time I make a trip to the capitol, I never cease to be awe struck by its opulence and pure regality. It is never easy to conjure the idea that something so magnificent is no more than a ten minute drive from my home. I usually take the walk through the main entrance as a tourist or an anxious student on a field trip.

2011 California StateoftheState January 31, 2011


Governor Jerry Brown delivered his 2011 California StateotheState last January 31, 2011

Thank you Lt. Governor Newsom, Speaker Perez, President Pro Tem Steinberg,Senate Republican Leader Dutton, Assembly Republican Leader Conway, constitutional officers, members of the legislature, distinguished guests, and my fellow citizens: First of all, I wish to thank all of you in this chamber for the cordiality and good will that you have extended to my wife and me during these opening days of what will be an extraordinarily difficult and wrenching legislative session.

Student Report 2011 California StateoftheState


Students Report from 2011 StateoftheState January 31, 2011

As we walked through the Capitol, our tour guide shared California statistics with us. California has 58 counties and is home to 38 million people. It is 1,200 miles long, has 16 major metropolitan areas, and has the seventh largest economy in the world. We realized that the policies enacted by the California state legislature and the ideas presented in the State of the State address (an annual speech by the governor to the legislature and citizens that describes the current condition of the state) have a greater impact than either of us had previously recognized on all 38 million people in all 58 counties.

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